In the customization process of the IMAZIN system, the following steps are performed to develop the best software for the client.

Consultation is provided to best understand the client's business model, target audience, and goals of data collection through crowd sourcing to create the most suitable IMAZIN system.

STEP2:Data and image preparation
The client prepares and provides photos and text data.

STEP3:UI design
Once customization goals and materials are determined and gathered, the IMAZIN user interface (UI) is designed.

STEP4:Database design
A database is designed to store and utilize text data as well as crowd sourced data in the IMAZIN system.

Based on the goals set during consultation, the UI and database are integrated into the IMAZIN system.

To make the customized IMAZIN system available to users, software distribution is provided through channels such as the Apple app store and Windows Store. If an internal system is desired , independent distribution channels can be provided.


By forming a partnership with KASAH instead of a client relationship, customized IMAZIN systems that benefit both parties can be developed.

NPO's and NGO's
For non-profit organizations such as NPO's and NGO's, if the missions of the organization match that of KASAH, customization can be provided at reduced costs.

Fixed sponsorships
If the business model of the client match those of KASAH, customization can be provided at reduced costs in return for listing KASAH as a fixed sponsor.

Sponsor profit sharing
If the customized IMAZIN is designed to gather income, customization costs can be discounted with engaging in a profit sharing mechanism.


The IMAZIN platform can be customized in a variety of ways.


Product catalog
Compared to a paper based catalog that can not be printed or edited, including a product database to a customized IMAZIN system results in a portable digital catalog.

Search parameters
Product search capabilities can be added by including detailed product information to the database.

Item filters
By including product filter systems, product display can be adjusted to meet the users needs at the time rather than constantly displaying all products.


Automated grouping of photos
Photos taken during your travels can be automatically grouped by utilizing time stamps and location information.

Addition of location information
With the ability to add new location names, photos can be enjoyed in a way that best represents your memories.

Travel planning
By creating a location list prior to taking your photos, an automated notification system can ensure that you never forget to take a photo during your travels.


Photo customized database
By including mass amount of photos and text from the beginning, a customized IMAZIN can be created that goes beyond your normal encyclopedia system. Not limited to photos, sound files, movies, and population data maps can also be integrated.

A.I. based image recognition
By crowd sourcing image information through the usage of a customized IMAZIN system, highly sensitive image recognition systems can be developed.

Community development
Through the share system, a specialized SNS can be developed between the users of the customized IMAZIN system, creating a new specialized internet community.